Royal & Cross, LLC

About Us

Royal & Cross, LLC has established a respected reputation within the legal community, including amongst Prominent Judges and fellow counsel.  We make it our goal to navigate clients through the domestic litigation process as efficiently as possible.  We understand that the family law process, whether it be divorce, modification, custody battle or otherwise, can be very difficult emotionally on clients.  We understand the personality dynamics and that different clients have different needs.  Every domestic relations case is unique in its own way, which is why we make it a priority to treat all clients with the same degree of respect and caring, whether the case involves a simple, uncontested, small asset and no children case, or a high conflict custody and complex business issue matter.

Royal & Cross, LLC understands that family law cases involve a very personal process, and that most clients have great uncertainty about how to navigate the difficult circumstances.  We endeavor to educate the client about the legal processes from the initial consultation, including what can be expected during the course of the litigation, and all potential resolution options, whether it be a temporary hearing, mediation or final trial.  It is important to provide the client with this education as this familiarity with the process will significantly reduce the fear of the unknown and provide comfort and confidence to the client.  Understandably, clients are oftentimes uncertain as to what will happen to their children, their money, their assets and their debt.  In all cases we strive to provide the client with as much knowledge and basis and expectation as possible. It is important to us that clients are kept advised throughout each step of their case, and we believe that clients are an absolutely integral part of each step of the decision-making process. We make a concerted effort to listen to each client and his or her needs, and address each case on its own merits.  We believe that personal referrals, not advertising, are the highest form of referral. We receive referrals from judges, from other attorneys, from former clients, and even from former opposing parties.

We very much look forward to working hard to protect your interests.